It was an incredible experience to attend Vine and Dine 2015 at the Ann Arbor Art Center.  It seemed that everyone was having a great time and enjoying hors-d'oeuvres by LENA.  Amanda Mae was there to capture the whole thing.


The center piece of the gallery was a scale model of Liberty Plaza I built.  I used a 6mm thick sheet of Birch plywood from Burts Forest Products for the base.  I CNC'd most of the big pieces at APE CNC, but there was still a huge amount of cutting to fit and glueing, and I'm eternally grateful to my friend Nathan for his help on that part.  The trees are made from over 200' of aluminum wire.  

The Pavilions are made from a piece of cherry I bought from B and B Heartwoods.  I poured resin over birch twigs and combined with the Cherry to create mini concept models of the pavilion.  In my mind it perfectly represents what the pavilion is supposed to be about without being literal.


Photography by Amanda Mae



Also for the Vine and Dine I set up the prototype pavilion that I built.  The entire pavilion is panelized and can be set up by just two people in about an hour. The woman working at the toll booth at the parking lot actually asked me to put the POP X sign up because she was tired of people asking her what it was.  It was fun setting up the pavilion, people would come out on their smoke break and be surprised that I was able to set up an entire pavilion since their last break.  Big thanks to James and Mike for their muscle.

Laura and I got to meet some really interesting people at the event as well.  I was able to chat with the owner of Three Chairs, Leon Speaker and the Mayor of Ann Arbor, Chris Taylor.  It was an incredible night and I am very honored that I was able to design and build the showpieces for the POP X portion of the night.